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From the FreeBSD fortunes files

guru, n:
	A computer owner who can read the manual.

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 17.19179%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 5421604/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 90360/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 1506/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 38°F, Mostly Cloudy

CHICAGO, IL: 38°F, Mostly Sunny

DUNELLEN, NJ: 45°F, Mostly Cloudy

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: 65°F, Partly Sunny

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 33°F, Mostly Sunny

Top Stories

  1. House leaders push toward health vote by Easter (AP)
  2. Rep. Levin replacing Rangel on Ways and Means panel (AP)
  3. Jobless claims drop, retail sales climb (AP)
  4. 17 killed in Baghdad blasts targeting voters (AP)
  5. 63 die, dozens injured in Indian temple stampede (AP)
  6. White House presses to stop Armenian genocide vote (AP)
  7. Hamas bans men from women's hair salons (AP)
  8. 'Extinct' frog species found again after 30 years (AP)
  9. Still a sticky issue: Singapore keeps gum ban (AP)
  10. NFL free agency begins Friday without cap (AP)
  11. Chile wants loans, scours for quake survivors (Reuters)
  12. Greece draws strong bond demand at high price (Reuters)
  13. Obama reasserts Volcker rule, Senate bill seen (Reuters)
  14. Attacks kill 12 as Iraqi troops and police vote (Reuters)
  15. Madoff ruling may save UBS, HSBC from mass claims (Reuters)
  16. Security raised in Malacca Strait after terror warning (Reuters)
  17. Toyota sued over deaths in key California crash (Reuters)
  18. U.N. council ready to tackle Iran nuclear issue (Reuters)
  19. Baghdad attacks kill 14 as Iraq voting begins (AFP)
  20. Divers hunt for bodies off Chile coast (AFP)

Word of the day

didactic: conveying instruction; teaching some moral lesson.

LAB members of the day

  • Gisele Lohse, 95, beyond
  • Otto Apadoca, 98, beyond
  • Thuy Pettes, 53, beyond
  • Liane Stanis, 91, beyond
  • Lyle Sunder, 90, beyond

Wikipedia statistics

Articles in English: 3,211,908

Registered users: 11,810,994

UNL news

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