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From the FreeBSD fortunes files

It is better to give than to lend, and it costs about the same.

Today's birthdays

Mark Bidrowski

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 16.50686%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 5205604/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 86760/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 1446/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 24°F, Mostly Clear

CHICAGO, IL: 29°F, Cloudy

DUNELLEN, NJ: 38°F, Clear


MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 23°F, Mostly Cloudy

Top Stories

  1. 9 Dems who voted no on health bill may reconsider (AP)
  2. 2,000 transportation workers idled over impasse (AP)
  3. Parents say doctors hastened death for dying kids (AP)
  4. AP IMPACT: Drug gangs taking over US public lands (AP)
  5. Candidates make last sweep before Texas primary (AP)
  6. Hello again to Jay Leno, back as 'Tonight' host (AP)
  7. SeaWorld workers describe frenzy of fatal attack (AP)
  8. O.J. Simpson's 'acquittal suit' to be donated (AP)
  9. Cops: Man shoots up room, puts clock in microwave (AP)
  10. APNewsBreak: Many maple bats get banned in minors (AP)
  11. GM recalling 1.3 million vehicles over steering problems (Reuters)
  12. Looting worsens in Chilean city after quake (Reuters)
  13. Toyota to announce March incentives in U.S. (Reuters)
  14. Obama said poised to offer more healthcare changes (Reuters)
  15. U.S. seeks to smooth China ties, win backing on Iran (Reuters)
  16. Afghanistan bans coverage of Taliban attacks (Reuters)
  17. NY prosecutor clears U.S. liberal group ACORN workers (Reuters)
  18. Al Gore takes aim at climate change skeptics (Reuters)
  19. Chile troops sent to quell post-quake unrest (AFP)
  20. Former Bosnian leader Ganic arrested in London (AFP)

Word of the day

pablum: something (as writing or speech) that is trite, insipid, or simplistic.

LAB members of the day

  • Tona Goda, 52, Lincoln
  • Lawana Oborne, 52, Lincoln
  • Clint Spira, 42, beyond
  • Parker Hagadone, 87, Lincoln
  • Tressa Meccia, 58, Lincoln

Wikipedia statistics

Articles in English: 3,209,648

Registered users: 11,789,927

UNL news

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