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From the FreeBSD fortunes files

I braved the contempt of my friends last week and ventured out to see
Bambi, the Disney rerelease that is proving to be a hit once again in the
box office.  I was looking forward to a gentle, soothing, late afternoon
relief from the Washington Summer.  Instead I was traumatized.  As a
psycho-sexual return to the horrors of early adolescence, it couldn't be
more effective.  For the first half-hour, you're lulled into an agreeable
sense of security and comfort.  Birds twitter; small rabbits turn out to
be great conversationalists.  Pop is what Senator Moynihan would describe
as an absent father, but Mom's there to make you feel OK in the odd
thunderstorm.  You make great friends, fool around on the ice, discover
the meadow, generally mellow out.  Then, without any particular warning,
your mom gets shot, your voice breaks, huge growths start appearing on
your head, and your peers start heading off into the clover with the
apparent intention of having sex.  Next thing you know, the forest burns
down. If I were still eight, I think I'd prefer Rambo III.
		-- Townsend Davis

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 14.45207%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 4557605/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 75960/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 1266/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 20°F, Mostly Cloudy

CHICAGO, IL: 33°F, Cloudy

DUNELLEN, NJ: 40°F, Mostly Cloudy

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: 55°F, Partly Sunny

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 27°F, Clouds And Sun

Top Stories

  1. Obama puts forward last-ditch health care plan (AP)
  2. NATO airstrike kills at least 27 civilians (AP)
  3. Mixed blessing: credit card reform may shock some (AP)
  4. AP sources: NYC terror suspect plans guilty plea (AP)
  5. 8 villagers killed south of Baghdad, some beheaded (AP)
  6. Judge approves SEC-BofA settlement on Merrill deal (AP)
  7. Madeira hunts for missing, dashes to repair damage (AP)
  8. Lufthansa pilots strike, upend airline travel (AP)
  9. `Shutter Island' makes waves with $40.2M debut (AP)
  10. Iran: work on 2 new enrichment sites to begin soon (AP)
  11. Obama offers plan to revive healthcare push (Reuters)
  12. Toyota memo raises stakes for chief's U.S. hearings (Reuters)
  13. Haiti death toll could reach 300,000: Preval (Reuters)
  14. Madeira floods kill 42, divers hunt for missing (Reuters)
  15. NATO Afghanistan airstrike kills 27 civilians (Reuters)
  16. North Korea seeks military talks with rival South (Reuters)
  17. U.S. pinpoints code writer behind Google attack: report (Reuters)
  18. More generations living under same roof (Reuters)
  19. NATO air strike, Afghan suicide attack kill 41 (AFP)
  20. Mud torrent kills 42 on Portuguese tourist island (AFP)

Word of the day

fractious: tending to cause trouble; also, irritable.

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  • Sabrina Morneau, 47, beyond
  • Dusty Baichan, 79, beyond
  • Lizbeth Nordhoff, 36, Lincoln
  • Ilana Ballmer, 92, Lincoln
  • Fransisca Luchterhand, 46, beyond

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