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From the FreeBSD fortunes files

Xerox does it again and again and again and...

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 11.84933%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 3736805/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 62280/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 1038/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 27°F, Cloudy

CHICAGO, IL: 18°F, Mostly Clear

DUNELLEN, NJ: 29°F, Clear

CORPUS CHRISTI, TX: 42°F, Partly Cloudy

MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 10°F, Mostly Cloudy

Top Stories

  1. Prof. charged in fatal shooting on Ala. campus (AP)
  2. Despite luge death, opening ceremony goes on (AP)
  3. US: Attack on Afghan town Marjah launched (AP)
  4. Questions about adviser snag Americans in Haiti (AP)
  5. Obama administration weighs military 9/11 trial (AP)
  6. 49 states dusted with snow; Hawaii's the holdout (AP)
  7. White House sends out invites for health summit (AP)
  8. AP source: Obama to announce nuke plant loan (AP)
  9. Carnival blasts off in Rio amid heat wave (AP)
  10. 3-legged dog wins 1st place in NYC shelter contest (AP)
  11. NATO launches major Afghanistan offensive (Reuters)
  12. Three killed in University of Alabama shooting (Reuters)
  13. Luge death darkens mood as Winter Games open (Reuters)
  14. White House to post health bill before Feb 25 meeting (Reuters)
  15. Clinton back at work on Haiti after heart procedure (Reuters)
  16. Obama plays bigger role in picking 9/11 trial site (Reuters)
  17. U.S. reviewing terrorism suspects procedures: paper (Reuters)
  18. Flying laser zaps missile in first for U.S. (Reuters)
  19. Assault on Taliban in southern Afghanistan begins (AFP)
  20. US refuses to cancel Obama's Dalai Lama meeting (AFP)

Word of the day

quietus: final acquittance, as from debt; also, rest; death.

LAB members of the day

  • Golda Pytlovany, 93, Lincoln
  • Dewitt Merkt, 70, beyond
  • Erminia Astrella, 42, beyond
  • Cicely Wishard, 34, Lincoln
  • Marylou Kluth, 85, beyond

Wikipedia statistics

Articles in English: 3,192,508

Registered users: 11,652,197

UNL news

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