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From the FreeBSD fortunes files

Suffering alone exists, none who suffer;
The deed there is, but no doer thereof;
Nirvana is, but no one is seeking it;
The Path there is, but none who travel it.
		-- "Buddhist Symbolism", Symbols and Values

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 8.69865%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 2743205/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 45720/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 762/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 28°F, Mostly Cloudy

CHICAGO, IL: 25°F, Cloudy

DUNELLEN, NJ: 34°F, Sunny


MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 12°F, Light Snow

Top Stories

  1. Obama unveils 2011 budget with $3.83T in spending (AP)
  2. Haitian medical evacuation flights, schools resume (AP)
  3. Toyota tells dealers parts on way to fix pedals (AP)
  4. Factory activity fueling modest economic recovery (AP)
  5. Female suicide bomber hits Iraq pilgrims, kills 54 (AP)
  6. Pakistani Taliban promise proof leader is alive (AP)
  7. Plane reporting on traffic lands on NJ Turnpike (AP)
  8. Exxon Mobil posts lowest annual profit since '02 (AP)
  9. Stars gather to cover 'We Are the World' for Haiti (AP)
  10. Federer, Serena Williams hold No. 1 rankings (AP)
  11. Obama's 2010 budget deficit soars to record $1.56 trillion (Reuters)
  12. Suicide bomber kills 41 Shi'ite pilgrims in Iraq (Reuters)
  13. Obama seeks record $708 billion in defense budget (Reuters)
  14. U.S. missionaries reject Haiti child-traffic charges (Reuters)
  15. U.S. defense fails missile test mimicking Iran strike (Reuters)
  16. London's Heathrow airport deploys body scanners (Reuters)
  17. Italy's secret service knew of CIA rendition: judge (Reuters)
  18. Taylor Swift and Beyonce make Grammy history (Reuters)
  19. Female suicide bomber kills 41 in Baghdad (AFP)
  20. UN defends Haiti relief as airlifts resume (AFP)

Word of the day

mondegreen: a word or phrase resulting from a misinterpretation, as in misheard lyrics.

LAB members of the day

  • Kera Alphonse, 37, beyond
  • Florencio Minehart, 61, Lincoln
  • Marylee Mancia, 34, beyond
  • Hana Henerson, 51, Lincoln
  • Alta Mauritz, 41, beyond

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