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Gifv Suzwoxfwa

From the FreeBSD fortunes files

Oh freddled gruntbuggly, thy micturations are to me
As plurdled gabbleblotchits on a lurgid bee.
Groop I implore thee, my foonting turlingdromes,
And hooptiously drangle me with crinkly bindlewurdles,
Or I will rend thee in the goblerwarts with my blurglecruncheon,
	see if I don't.
		-- Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz

Percentage of 2010 completed (UTC): 7.32878%


Seconds of 2010 completed: 2311205/31536000

Minutes of 2010 completed: 38520/525600

Hours of 2010 completed: 642/8760


LINCOLN, NE: 26°F, Clouds And Sun

CHICAGO, IL: 17°F, Cloudy

DUNELLEN, NJ: 40°F, Partly Sunny


MINNEAPOLIS, MN: 10°F, Mostly Sunny

Top Stories

  1. Obama's goal: Get agenda moving, people believing (AP)
  2. Toyota US sales halt deals blow to image, earnings (AP)
  3. Smallest survivors pose one of biggest problems (AP)
  4. Dems vow to resurrect health care bill (AP)
  5. As Bernanke awaits 2nd term, Fed mulls exit plan (AP)
  6. Geithner defends Fed actions on AIG bailout (AP)
  7. Tablet computer expected to debut at Apple event (AP)
  8. Gone from 'Tonight,' Conan still produces for NBC (AP)
  9. PETA proposes robotic groundhog for Pa. festival (AP)
  10. Serena's in the semis, Venus is out at Aussie Open (AP)
  11. Obama to recast agenda to focus on jobs, deficit (Reuters)
  12. Toyota suspends U.S. sales of 8 models in recall (Reuters)
  13. Pelosi: no healthcare bill not a possibility (Reuters)
  14. Two Koreas trade fire (Reuters)
  15. London meeting marks sea-change in Afghan approach (Reuters)
  16. Israel slams Iran as world recalls Holocaust (Reuters)
  17. Senate to take up Bernanke nomination Thursday (Reuters)
  18. Man rescued from rubble 14 days after Haiti quake (Reuters)
  19. Sri Lanka president wins re-election (AFP)
  20. Obama to tout 'hopeful' future in key address (AFP)

Word of the day

panjandrum: an important or self-important official.

LAB members of the day

  • Jalisa Whitenton, 78, Lincoln
  • Marry Pafel, 41, beyond
  • Lasonya Calzada, 85, beyond
  • Nadene Lisiecki, 47, beyond
  • Adrianne Stramel, 94, beyond

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Registered users: 11,511,239

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