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Census, Part III

Part 3 of 3?  3 of 4?  3 of 5?  There is no way for me to know, but
what I do know is that the Bureau, sudden as always, called on me this
afternoon for another round of abuse.  Just kidding, it's actually
really easy and great money.  My training (*snore*) begins on Tuesday
(March 2nd) at the Armory in Beatrice, of all places.  The following
Monday (the 8th) will begin my field work.

I can't wait to find out what I'll be doing exactly.  It's really
weird timing... this is too early to be the whale of an operation
where they send workers out to everyone who didn't answer the form;
the forms haven't even been mailed out yet.  If I had to guess, I'd
say that I was selected for an operation that involves a lot fewer
workers, and *may* have something to do with transitory locations...
maybe even seeking out homeless people to interview them.  If that's
the case, that could be really interesting.  But I won't know for sure
until I show up at training, and frankly, nothing would surprise me.

This is set to last 3-5 weeks, and I'll be working full-time again for
it.  If I end up driving all over, I'll be pulling in a lot more


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